What Is A Dry Van Trailer? 5 Facts You Should Know

You've probably heard about the dry van trailers, but there are a few key facts you may have overlooked. We've narrowed down five key facts that every shipper should know about dry van shipping. First and foremost, let's start by explaining what is a dry van trailer.


What Is A Dry Van Trailer?

When we talk about dry van shipping, we consider the use of enclosed trailers. Even though this is a simple definition, it is essential to understand the basics of this transportation method.


A dry van trailer is a type of freight transport designed to carry dry goods, such as foodstuffs or chemicals. These trailers are often used by companies in the trucking industry to transport goods across long distances, and they must meet specific requirements to ensure that their contents are not damaged during transit. 


There are many different types of dry van trailers on the market, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. These trailers can haul a variety of cargo and products, including:


  • Raw materials

  • Construction materials

  • Non-perishable food items such as canned goods and bottled water

  • Textile products

There is a lot to learn about these trailers, so let's get started.


Five Shipping Facts of a Dry Van


1. Dry Van Trailer Shipping is Simple and Easy


Dry vans are one of the most commonly used shipping trailers in America. Their low price, ease of use, and capacity for long hauls make them ideal for shipping bulky goods. They can also be used to ship items across long distances—making them a very economical choice when moving your belongings from place to place!


2. Dry Van Trailers Keep Goods Safe During Shipping


Dry van shipping provides protection for any freight, making it the ideal option if you want to ship different products except for perishable goods and items that require temperature-controlled storage. Its enclosed, sealed design and lock mechanism makes it an excellent choice to protect shipments from weather or cargo theft.


3. Dry Vans Are the Most Flexible Type of Trailer for Local and Long-haul Shipping


Many people choose to ship their products in a dry van because this type of cargo carrier is versatile and can be used to haul just about anything that isn't perishable or temperature sensitive. As long as the shipment is no more than a certain weight and volume, you can be sure that it will arrive safely.


4. Dry Van Trailers Offer Great Value for Any Business


If your company sells nonperishable goods, you can use dry van shipping services. Dry van shipping is perfect for automotive, agriculture, health care equipment supply, and wine production industries. Because you are not transporting any items that require temperature control, there is no chance of spoilage.


5. Dry Van Trailers have Hardwood Floors to Prevent Damage During Transport


A hardwood floor on a dry van trailer is durable and resistant to the kinds of wear and tear that accompany everyday use. That's why you can rest assured that it won't break under the weight of heavy objects. Also, since it's resistant to dirt and liquid spills—wiping up any messes will be easy.


Wrapping Up


If you are looking for the right trailer for your business, be sure to take every factor into consideration. There are literally thousands of different trailer models on the market, so make sure that it's big enough for your needs before making any purchases.


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